Monday, February 2, 2009

Big Mac vs Whopper

We've all seen the most recent technique that Burger King has been advertising for its most popular burger, the Whopper. It is more of a test actually. The test is a contest between Burger King's Whopper and McDonald's Big Mac. Seeing as it is a Burger King commercial, the advertisement / contest is biased towards the Whopper. This is a link to one of the "Whopper Virgin" commercials.

The commercials claim to find people who have never tasted a Big Mac or Whopper and see which burger they prefer. However, how does the public know that the burgers are in fact the burgers that we, as consumers, recieve when we go to one of these fast food restaurants? We do not even know if these "Whopper Virgins" are real people or paid actors. Burger King's advertisement is a very good idea, but one that does not prove one burger to be better than the other. Is it possible that many people chose the Big Mac over the Whopper? Certaintly. Though, are those responses made into commercials? No. The only true way to determine which burger is more successful is by profit. It is impossible to determine which burger tastes better because it depends on a person's preferences. These commercials do not convince the viewer of anything, other than one person from Transylvania thought a Whopper was better than a Big Mac. Who would even know if the Big Mac was fresh? Burger King representatives could be feeding these "Whopper Virgins" Big Macs that were made days ago. There are too many variables to prove to any viewer that the Whopper is better than the Big Mac.


  1. So...I think they should pay me to taste test! I've never had a burger from Burger King or McDonald's, so I could be the one that decides! :)