Sunday, February 8, 2009

Which is Better For You?

There is always the question of which burger is healthier: Burger King or McDonald's? Well, the easiest way to discover the answer to this question is by looking at the nutritional facts of each burger.

(1st Nutrition Fact: Burger King Whopper)
(2nd Nutrition Fact: McDonald's Big Mac)

Looking at the evidence above, it looks as though McDonald's Big Mac is much better for you than a Burger King Whopper. The Whopper has nearly double the fat and double the amount of calories per serving. It also has double the cholesterol. Looking at the facts, if I were trying to eat "healthy fast food" I would have to choose the Big Mac over the Whopper.

(I always thought Burger King was healthier because it was "grilled" but I guess that was a misconception)

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  1. yes! i love mcdonalds. i am glad to know their burgers are healthier