Tuesday, February 10, 2009

White Castle

Cheeseburgers hold such an important role within the food world of our society that Hollywood was capable of producing a movie that centered around White Castle, a burger joint. The movie, Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, follow two college students who crave burgers from White Castle. They encounter many obstacles but eventually reach their destination. The movie was so popular that producers were able to create a second movie.

I find it amazing that Hollywood was able to make such a popular movie that surrounded a food item we all relate to America. White Castle is not even a popular burger joint when compared to McDonald's, Burger King, or Wendy's. However, the story was not based on the restaurant, but the cheeseburgers. When the two students reach White Castle they order an absurd amount of cheeseburgers, and they make them look so good. When your done watching the movie, it almost makes you want to go to White Castle.

Here is a video clip from the end of the movie, Enjoy!


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  1. I think the movie was based on two people who were stoned most of the movive leading to crave for white castle. but my buddy picked a box of frozen white castle burgers down at New Jersey and we all ate em when we got hungry. But it was not for the same reason as harold and kumar