Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cheeseburger in a Can?

So what is the deal with the "cheeseburger in a can?" Are people that lazy to fire up the grill, heat the stove, or even pull out a George Foreman? I mean honestly, who would prefer to eat a cheeseburger from a can over a cheeseburger that is home cooked, or even cooked at McDonald's? I thought this was a joke when first reading about this new canned product, but it is not.

Cheeseburger in a can is made by a German camping-supplies company. This company does not send to the United States, but according to the people of this website:,2183/

they were able to obtain one of these cheeseburgers through eBay. The taste test proved to be disasterous. Here are some of the taste test reactions:

• "Why would they put sauce on it already? That's retarded!" "You know what's retarded? A cheeseburger in a can."
• "Oh, that looks so gross. It's so grey. It's the greyest meat ever."
• "It looks more greenish to me."
• "It's got this horrible film on it."
• "It's really mealy-looking. Does anyone read German? Are we sure there's meat in there?"

After seeing these reviews, I do not plan on buying cheeseburger in a can on eBay for the "experience." We must keep in mind, however, that the cheeseburger is created for campers, but still. What camper decides to bring cheeseburger in a can for they get hungry? There are plenty of other foods to eat when going on a camping trip. Either way, cheeseburger in a can is a ridiculous idea and is not the way an American cheeseburger should be eaten.

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  1. That is repulsive and should go down in history as one of the worst ideas ever.